Easy Installation

Timers can be factory programmed to suit individual requirements

Simple to use

Simple installation by a qualified electrician to new kitchens or retro-fitted into existing appliances.

Protects you

Single press of the red button activates the system. Any system failure also isolates power.

Lower insurance

The safety system is simply activated by a single press of the button. There is a light, and display to indicate time left and a buzzer and light to indicate when time is up and power isolated.


Improve the safety of electric ovens, hobs and grills with OvenGuards smart technology

Developed for:

    • Student Accommodation
    • Dementia Sufferers
    • Independent Elderly living at home
    • Communal Kitchens
    • Housing Associations
    • Landlords
    • Holiday Lets
    • Sheltered Accommodation
    • Letting Agencies



is a small, simple electrical safety device that is sited next to your oven. With the system installed the timer functions as an automatic timekeeper. Power to your oven is initiated when you press the red button allowing you to use the oven/grill/hob as normal. When the allocated time has elapsed the system will automatically cut the power to the oven appliance.


consists of two components – the Switch and the Guard Box (mechanical circuit breaker) and can support electrical supplies of up to 50 amps.
The switch controls the timing, and comes pre-configured with either 30 or 60 minute timers. This can be altered to suit individual requirements from 1-180 minutes. When the red button is pressed the timer automatically starts power to the hob/grill/oven for the designated time period. You can stop power by pressing the red button again. The switch controls the Guard Box.


According to the latest statistics, in Great Britain the main cause of accidental fires in dwellings remains the misuse of equipment appliances, with 13,300 cases recorded in 2013-14. Cooking appliances (mainly cookers including ovens) were the source of ignition for the more than half of these.

We have enjoyed a positive and productive professional relationship, working with the company’s highly-skilled experts to develop and implement OvenGuard to address our health and safety needs. Responding to positive user feedback they have produced the optimal end-product for supplier and client alike

Dr. A Beaumont
Home Bursar, Hertford College, Oxford University


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